Dawn Wells 

Founder/Executive Director

Dawn Wells’ love of physical activity has been a mainstay of her life. As a youth, it propelled her to participate in various school sports including track and cheer. It also led her to proudly serve in both the U.S. Marine Corp Active Duty and Army Reserves. As she moved into the next chapters of her life, exercise became a vital aid in helping Dawn achieve a deeply personal sense of fitness and well-being.  

Following a diagnosis of binge eating disorder (BED) and bulimia, Dawn began to reclaim wellness through the discovery and practice of Zumba. Along her health journey, she came to the realization that physical strength and vitality is not a one-size-fits-all phenomenon but rather looks and feels differently for each individual. Dawn learned that personal fitness begins with health of mind and spirit. Inspired by her Zumba teacher and this new insight, Dawn became a certified fitness instructor and began to spread the message of feeling great in one’s own body to her own students. In addition to being a certified and licensed Medical Fitness Practitioner specializing in clinical fitness, Dawn holds several other certifications in wellness coaching, personal training, group fitness, nutrition, sports nutrition training, stress eating, and self-coaching.

Today Dawn remains committed to educating and empowering through physical and mental health in both Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition and her profit organization DWF Wellness.  DWF Wellness empowers lifelong healthfulness in clients with its revolutionary Wellness Systems. These innovative systems help clients receive, learn and permanently adopt the science of nutrition, exercise and weight management.