Amber Inez Wells

Executive Assistant


Amber Inez Wells is an established Human Resources and Recruitment professional with over five years of experience. Educated at Keller Graduate School of Management with a Master’s in Human Resource Management and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology, Amber combines academic insight with real-world expertise.


Starting their career as a Lead Account Manager at Vericon Resources, Amber quickly transitioned into the human resources field, where they have made a significant impact across various roles. From serving as a Recruiter at Vericon Resources to taking on the role of Corporate Recruiter at both Hire Dynamics and Scientific Games, Amber’s experience is both diverse and profound.


Promoted to Human Resources Generalist at Scientific Games, Amber has been instrumental in creating and updating HR policies, streamlining processes, reducing employee turnover, and enhancing overall efficiency. Their expertise extends to areas such as Employee Relations, Recruitment & Retention, Performance Management, Workday and Taleo ATS, and Employment Laws.


Some of Amber’s notable achievements include:

– Implementing a new incentive program that significantly reduced employee turnover.

– Creating effective HR functions, leading to reduced start-up costs.

– Developing innovative training programs to minimize employee processing errors.


With an unrelenting dedication to excellence and a forward-thinking approach to human resource management, Amber’s contributions continue to shape the HR landscape. Whether through day-to-day operations or strategic planning, their influence is felt throughout the industry, making Amber a standout leader in the field of Human Resources and Recruitment.