Janet Davis

Janet Davis is proud to serve on the Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition Board as Executive Secretary. An avid fan of all things aquatic, Janet boasts certifications in Water Safety, Lifeguard Training, Water Aerobics, U.S. Stroke and Turn Official, PADI scuba diver and Acquapole. A professional body builder through the National Physique Committee—and a licensed massage therapist to boot—Janet is also a safety maven as she holds additional certifications in First Aid Instruction, and Prevention and Disease Transmission. Born and raised in Atlanta, Janet studied at Shorter University of Rome, Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Science in Therapeutics. Following graduation, she enjoyed a lengthy stint working in various capacities for the City of Atlanta. Her roles there included Aquatics Manager, District Coordinator and Program Administrator where she supervised 5 recreation facilities, 5 indoor natatoriums 13 outdoor pools and 200 seasonal employees. After leaving the City of Atlanta, she spent several years as an accomplished talent acquisition professional but was eager to return to work involving her passion for swimming. Today, she is proud to be back helping members of the Angel Eyes community achieve their health and fitness goals.