Jane Carter

Line Dance Instructor

Jane Carter

Music and dance have always been a part of my life.  I was raised around dancing since elementary school.  My parents were my influence and inspiration to get into line dancing as a student and as an instructor. 

I have been teaching Line Dance for about 15 years.  My training and accreditation are through the National Teachers Association for Country Western Dance (NTA).  I have been a member of NTA for a long time and participated in their dance educational offerings before becoming an instructor. Currently, I serve in a volunteer position with NTA for the State of Georgia. In addition to NTA, I attend line dance workshops, classes, and events in the metro Atlanta area and out of state.  I am licensed with BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC.  I specialize in teaching basic/beginner to improver levels of Line Dance, and also, enjoy writing line dance choreography and coordinating line dance workshops.

Line dance is a FUN way to exercise! It provides wonderful exercise benefits for the body and brain at the same time!  A dance partner is not required for this type of dance and a variety of music is used.

Dancing as a whole is challenging, and great mental and physical exercise! My love for dance has introduced me to so many wonderful people and many friendships have developed from them!  Line Dance is Fun and Fellowship!!


Let’s Get Those Feet in Motion