Debra Williams 


Image of Deb Williams

Debra Williams affectionally known as “Deb”, is a fun loving and energetic, proud native Houstonian. She retired from Houston Airport System (HAS) in 2012 after a 11-year career span as a payroll clerk, medical and coding specialist. Deb has been practicing American Sign Language since age 13 when she was enrolled in Deaf School and in 1987 at age 28 was diagnosed with (RP) Retinitis Pigmentosa. Today she is considered Partially Deaf and Blind.  Through all of her obstacles Deb has devoted much of her time to assisting, serving and encouraging other Deaf Blind and Blind and Visually Impaired through her numerous community affiliations.  Some of these include: Re-focus, VIA Visually Impaired Advocate, Dea-Blind Camp of Texas, and HAD (Houston Association for the Deaf). In her free time Deb enjoys learning new things, traveling, cooking, and especially listening to music while dancing and exercising. Debra joined the Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition fit family after attending a kickboxing presentation by founder Dawn Wells with HAVIN (Houston Area Visually Impaired Network) and has been a faithful and active advocate since.

“It is a joy to be a part of Angel Eyes because no one is left out of being healthy and fit.” – Debra Williams