Amelia Brinkley


Image of Amelia Brinkly

Amelia Brinkley is a courageous and “spicy” person and motivated by positive energy and absolutely loves being as active as possible. Born and raised in Chamblee, GA, at age 19 she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and started to experience more vision loss at age 21. She was completely unfamiliar with visual impairment or resources available until her doctor informed her about the Center for Visually Impaired in Atlanta. In 2007, Amelia entered into the visual impairment assistance program at CVI and over the next year she learned key skills and knowledge on how to navigate through her new lifestyle. There she learned how to walk with a white cane, how to use computers JAWS (Job Access With Speech) technology, read braille and continue independent living through activities of daily living. After completing the CVI course in 2008, Amelia gained employed through Dialogue in the Dark over the next two years until relocating to Houston, TX to pursue more challenging opportunities.

In 2015 Amelia weighed over 315 lbs, had high blood pressure and bad knees and a bad back. She decided it was the time for her to take control of her health and wellness and decided to have the Gastric Sleeve surgery. 6 years later and through a pandemic she has remained down 150+ pounds and is still extremely active.

One of Amelia’s passions is for helping others and more specifically other blind and visually impaired people. Her mission is to help her community to become health conscientious and active through exercise. She was introduced to the Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition classes by her Fit Friend Debra Williams in 2020 and frequented the Saturday classes. Since that time, she and Debra join 3 days a week every week and when she is not attending classes, she is sharing information about Angel Eyes in numerous membered sighted and blind and visually impaired social media groups.

“Angel Eyes classes are fun, energetic motivating, and effective. I’ve joined this organization for the long-haul and I will never look back!” – Amelia Brinkley